Java Development

Anything is possible with Java. It is a flexible, robust, multithreaded, platform-independent programming language. Our Java projects are powered up with frameworks such as Spring. Our customers prefer Java because it is secure, has a very dynamic framework, and especially cross-platform compatibility features. Pluscor’s Java developers are highly capable of creating Java-based websites and applications that are run perfectly across all browsers and devices from a scratch to a cutting-edge engineering masterpiece. The Java engineers in Pluscor have a comprehensive experience, knowledge and understanding of this language, and this enables them to get through even the most complicated and sophisticated projects with nearly 20 years of Java programming experience, which includes full scale ERP (enterprise resource planning) projects (web based) and numerous advanced enterprise projects and their on premise and cloud deployments.

Python Software Development

Pluscor considers Python a very important asset in its coding language base and uses it in its projects heavily. Python and its libraries like TensorFlow, Scikit Learn, and Keras are an indispensable part of the machine learning / artificial intelligence projects that Pluscor develops. We invest budget, time, and human resources in our projects with Python and its frameworks such as Django and develop enterprise-scale secure web applications. Python is a programming language which allows Pluscor to develop web and desktop applications agile as it provides rapid development, revisions, and changes. One of its essential features is that Python can be used without compiling, as opposed to languages such as Java, C, and C++. Because the compilation process is eliminated, the software can be developed quite quickly with Python. Its modular structure is also one of the key features. 


ColdFusion Development

Whether it is Adobe ColdFusion Enterprise or open source Lucee, ColdFusion provides excellent server-side development tools and scripting languages for enterprise web and mobile applications. With its built-in tools that allow developers quickly develop and deploy web and mobile applications while never compromising the product quality, applications developed with ColdFusion are battle-tested, extremely reliable, and can be rapidly developed, and deployed. Pluscor has developed an extensive amount of enterprise grade web applications with ColdFusion from ERP softwares to CRM applications, and they are perfectly running across the world for nearly 20 years. Pluscor develops and deploys cross-platform ColdFusion applications for web, mobile, microservices, machine learning, cloud, and IoT. ColdFusion framework is a secure, cost-effective, and flexible platform. With ColdFusion, we at Pluscor provide customized, multifunctional, and affordable solutions for enterprises, and mid to small companies. Pluscor’s ColdFusion developers and software architects have significant expertise in building contemporary applications or migrating outdated applications to the latest technology on the ColdFusion platform.

Development and Deployment on Google Cloud and Amazon Web Services

Cloud computing is a type of service that enables all applications, programs, and data to be stored on a virtual server and accessed through computers and other devices that are connected to the internet. The cloud is a very broad concept and covers almost every possible online service variant. Today, cloud technology is commonly used by internet user and it is considered as the future of the internet. Pluscor's competent engineers carry your business one step further with the projects they build in this emerging field. Pluscor has developed numerous softwares and applications that are now fully deployed on cloud platforms  like Google Cloud and Amazon Web Services. From building SaaS (software as a service) to enterprise grade private applications, Pluscor has all the technical skills and experience to build fully cloud deployable applications. To fully take advantage of cloud computing for your projects, contact us today to find out how we can help you.

JavaScript, AngularJS, ReactJS, and Vue.js

Before JavaScript, the web itself was nothing but a huge cloud of static pages of html. With the advent of JavaScript and frameworks such as Node.js we turn all web into a high-end dynamic interconnected computing cloud with applications, programs, and data running across on virtual servers and accessed by billions of people every day. Developing web frontend interfaces with Angular JS, React as well as excellent backend applications is all possible thanks to JavaScript and its framework Node.js. Pluscor with its experience pool in JavaScript has built countless applications with JavaScript and they continue to perform well even after many years, and will so for the many years to come.

IoT - Internet of Things

The internet of things, or IoT, is a system of interrelated computing devices, mechanical and digital machines, objects, animals or people that are provided with unique identifiers (UIDs) and the ability to transfer data over a network without requiring human-to-human or human-to-computer interaction. The definition of the Internet of things has evolved due to the convergence of multiple technologies, real-time analytics, machine learning, commodity sensors, and embedded systems. Pluscor develops web based IoT solutions for its customers that are either deployed on cloud or your premise or a combination of both. Our applications can seamlessly work with IoT devices across the world through secure web services and APIs. Turn to Pluscor like dozens of others who once sought for web based solutions for their IoT needs.